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What Is Feature Article In Newspaper

A feature article is a non-fiction piece of writing that focuses on a particular topic. You will find them in newspapers and news sites, online blogs, or magazines. However, they are not the same as news reports! Whereas news.

  • A feature article is the main news-related article in a magazine that highlights a particular person, place, or event in great detail. Typically, these nonfiction articles dive deeper into a story than regular articles. If you're in need of some tips on writing a good feature article,.

  • Newspaper articles serve the purpose of informing the audience of a particular event or issue. Yes, the language is often formal, simple and factual. Feature articles can be about anything. They can have a narrower target audience than newspaper articles. Feature articles are often emotive and subjective.

  • Lesson 4: Drafting a Feature Article – Use this final graphic organizer as simply a place to write a first draft for a feature article. It is labeled with the words lead, body and closing as a reminder to include all parts. Again,.


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