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music and sound art

Composer, musician, sound artist and music producer. Winner of the Iberescena-Ibermúsicas 2014 award with “The Memory of Absence”, a multidisciplinary work co-created with the choreographer Óscar Naters. He has made the sound art pieces "Success", "The Absent Reality", "The Warm War (Global Post-Cooling)", "The Recorder. The Sound Of Periphery" and "Caudillismo & Pedigrí". He is the musical director, singer and drummer of the experimental and psychedelic rock band El Hombre Misterioso, whose last studio album (El Misterioso. A Tutiplén, 2016) was considered the best album of the year in Peru by the specialized press. He is a founding member of the record label Descabellado, which released more than 50 albums from different Peruvian music. His new project is called Sanken Rei, co-created along with the visual artist and performer Mariana Tschudi, where they explore the ancestral knowledge of the Andean and Amazonian civilizations. They have used the concept of audiovisual concert, to integrate cinema, videoart, sound installation, performance and live music as a concert. Santiago also works making music for cinema and performing arts.

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