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a permanently transforming project

Sanken Rei seeks to honor the feminine side of human beings. A side that began to be systematically blocked and destroyed by the Catholic Church and the economic political powers. Between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, authorities in many parts of Europe unleashed brutal repression against the supposed worshipers of the devil. Thousands of them were convicted and died at the stake. The Church of Rome developed an institution of great power, the Holy Inquisition, which over time would be responsible for controlling those who performed practices linked to magic.

During the conquest of Peru, the ecclesiastical authorities agreed on what turned out to be the last onslaught against local cults, which, to their surprise, after a hundred years of profuse evangelizing work remained well rooted.

It is precisely that deep-rooted spirituality that is still present in the Coast, Andes and Amazon of Peru that we want to honor. The ancestral knowledge is then the point of arrival to start again as humanity: the master plants, the information connected to the cycles of the universe, the body and its sensitivity as guides, the word as action linked to the truth, the mind put at the service of the heart, vulnerability, surrender, learning to let go, said in one word: magic. Our feminine side is the source that gives us back our human essence and teaches us to live in harmony with the environment.

Being open to the impermanence of life is an important aspect for the flowering of the feminine side of humanity. We want Sanken Rei to be impregnated with that same mutant spirit, which is why each expression of the project will be unique and always in search of transformation.

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Sanken Rei's first artistic expression was through this first show in June 2019. Mariana was pregnant and we wanted to make a statement, using her pregnancy to make it more powerful. Sanken Rei pays tribute to the feminine side of the human being which had been historically blocked and castrated by the economic and religious power of the West. This disconnection has led humanity to several centuries of abuse towards women and nature, denying all feminine and subtle aspects such as intuition and magic

In Peru, in certain communities of the Andes and the Amazon the spiritual roots towards nature are still present. The ancestral knowledge allows us to start again as humanity putting the mind at the service of the heart.

Sanken Rei vol_1:

Direction: Mariana Tschudi, Santiago Pillado-Matheu

Performers/Musicians: Pamela Rodríguez, Richard Gutiérrez, Mariana Tschudi, Santiago Pillado-Matheu

Sound engineer: Juan José Salazar

Art direction, scenography and lights: Mariano Márquez

Videoart: Mariana Tschudi

Movement sensors: Eleazar Herrera

Production: Vanessa Demichelli



Narrating a multidimensional story through music

Sanken Rei is a sensory experience. A performance in concert key. Three musicians / performers (two men and one woman) are on stage in dialogue with two projections located in front of and behind them. This dialogue goes through phases of integration, tension, conflict, submission, empowerment, pleasure and return to integration. On the scene there is a drum set, a bass with effects, a keyboard, an electronic oscillator, bowls, motion sensors and microphones. Layers of sound environments and sequences in 5.1 coexist with live music. The lyrics of the songs guide the viewer through the concepts we play. At times we are a rock band; in others, a dance that dialogues with visuals, or a dramatization that integrates poetry.



Evidencing energy movement with sensors

We used movement sensors to evidence how energy moves with the different emotions of human beings. It was also used to enhace the expressive corporal movements that transit  from agressive fury to impotence, pain, surrender and healing.



Body expression to spread feelings

During Sanken Rei there were moments of intensity built up through body language and performance. It's climax happened while dealing with theme of the historical abuse towards women and the moment of global healing that we are entering at the moment.



Visuals interacting with life performance

There were moments during Sanken Rei were projected film dialogued with staged performance. The film sometimes created environments (real and magical), at other times transformed into animations wrapping the bodies of the performers or at some points the scenic play became a documentary film. In that way, the different ways to express ideas collaged into each other paving the way for integration.

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