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Audiovisual and performing arts

Mariana Tschudi is an audiovisual artist graduated from RISD, USA and the University of the Arts in London, whose work has been focused on generating environmental and social awareness. She has made a commitment to dedicate her work, that has a variety of expressions such as documentaries, movies, theatre pieces, performances, video installations or video art, to the understanding and communication of the ancestral knowledge that lies underneath Peruvian Cultures.  Among the pieces she has directed is "PACIFICUM, the return to the ocean", a film that won the Audience Award at the Lima Film Festival, 2017. As well as URANIA, a video art and performance piece presented in the British theatre of Lima in 2015, and 2016 and LA MUYUNA, a theatre piece that won the Iberescena award and was presented in Peru and Spain. Mariana has exhibited her work in international festivals and galleries, such as the Ibero-American Video Art Festival in Spain, the VAEFF Video Art and Experimental Film Festival in New York, the Scope art fair in Miami, the Robert Flaherty Film Festival in New York, the Peruvian Film Festival in Paris, The Almagro Festival, in Spain, the SxSW South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, among others. She is currently working on a new piece called Sanken Rei

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audiovisual explorations


Beginning in the 21st century, four scientists and sea-loving specialists decide to undertake several trips along the Peruvian Pacific coast through an aerial, terrestrial and underwater look in order to show the intimate relationship that our country has had with the Sea and marine species.
This journey will show us the ancient relationship of respect and devotion of the ancient Peruvian population with its marine environment, will allow us to understand the value of the evolutionary history of our ocean that is still alive in some landscapes of the desert coast of Peru, will leave us surprised and proud with the discovery of species and underwater worlds unknown until today and will finally teach us sustainable ways of relating to the marine environment to conserve it.

director: Mariana Tschudi

Screenwriter: Mariana Tschudi and Héctor Gálvez

Producers: Evelyn Merino Reyna, Henry Mitrani and Micaela Egúsquiza


Viral video about the Andean fabrics, created by Mariana Tschudi, inspired by the teachings of Mario Osorio Olazábal, for the PUCP (Catholic University of Peru) "Pachatopías" Art show at the Amano Museum, April 2017.


Video created by Mariana Tschudi, written by Lucero Silva and Mariana Tschudi for 'Fundacion Wiese' about the 'Lady of Cao' Female mummy of the Mochica culture discovered in the archaeological site El Brujo (Huaca Cao Viejo).


This was Mariana's master degree project from the University of the Arts in London, Uk. An organic interactive film about the teachings of the sacred plant Ayahuasca, in which the order of the scenes changed according to the brainwaves of the viewer.  It was first exhibited in an Individual exhibition in Vértice gallery, Lima, Peru. It was next invited to participate at the VAEFF Video Art and Experimental Film Festival, NY, USA at the TRIBECA cinema in New York. (2012). In 2013 it was exhibited at the International Art Fair SCOPE, Miami, USA. It was also part of the Collective Exhibition in "Camberwell Space Gallery", London, UK.

The 13 scenes that makeup the film can be seen at:


The first web series of Peru directed and produced by Mariana Tschudi, written by Melissa Vicich. "El síndrome de esto es el colmo" (To top it off syndrome) was a comedy released online by the Telefonica Group. (Terra tv 2009)

Watch trailer here:


Small documentary about the Peruvian sea, which is the most fertile of the world, but in great danger. Winner as Best Short Film with honorable mention for Best Investigation at the Short Film Peruvian Cinematographic Works Competition (DICINE). Lima, Peru, 2012. 
Directed by Mariana Tschudi and Delia Ackerman. Produced by Brisa Denemoustier and Belen Alcorta. Research: Sebastian Silva

watch here

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Encounters between film, music and dance


URANIA is a sound and visual show based on the wisdom of nature and the evolution of the cosmos, plants, minerals, animals and human beings. Presented at Teatro Británico in Lima Perú, in the framework of the "Fusiones" festival 2015, and was replaced in 2016. 
It was an artistic show that integrated different visual and experimental sound techniques that induced the spectator to a magical journey, making the viewer recognize several realities that  awakened the memory where s/he belongs as an integrated part of the whole. It helped understand the role that human beings perform as a species, able to live in perfect harmony with the environment.
facebook: urania/un viaje para sentir


"Muyuy" means to spin, turn, rotate, but also germinate. La Muyuna expresses the cycles of life, the turns and returns. The Muyuhuayra is the wind swirling that originates sounds and moves us to other places, which is linked to the music and carries echoes from the mountain and the wind turns. La Muyuna is an encounter with the Memory, a return to the origins, to the swirls of water, that establishes links between past and present, in projection to the future.
Mariana Tschudi was Coproducer and visual director of the Interdisciplinary show “La Muyuna” –  Winner of the Iberescena prize 2017. La Muyuna was presented in "Yuyachkani" theatre in Lima Perú, 2016 and was iInvited to participate in the XVII Iberoamerican Festival of Contemporary Theatre in Almagro, Spain. XXX South Festival in Aguimes, Spain.
The show was a fusion where music, cinema,  dance, and words convey the message of the values of the Peruvian Amazon, its culture, its  wonderful nature, its knowledge and the deep teachings that derive from his history and its vision of life.

facebook: la muyuna